6 June 2018 | by Laura Sehl


Watch Melissa Hathaway’s #CyberSmart2018 Keynote Address

Melissa Hathaway, President of Hathaway Global Strategies, LLC (HGS), is a leading expert in cyberspace policy and cybersecurity. She brings a multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional perspective to strategic consulting and strategy formulation for public and private sector clients.

Melissa led the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI) for President George W. Bush and then went on to spearhead the Cyberspace Policy Review for President Barack Obama.

She has been diligently working to help create Cyber Readiness Indexes with the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, and CyberNB is eagerly awaiting the release of Canada’s Cyber Readiness Index.

Her extensive expertise in the industry made her a speaker not to be missed at #CyberSmart2018. Luckily, for those that were not able to attend, you can watch Melissa Hathaway’s Keynote Address, “International Cyber Readiness: Lessons for Canada” here or on CyberNB’s YouTube channel.

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