Terms and Conditions

All customers who utilize any of the casino’s services or products are subject to the terms and conditions outlined in this document. Fair and equitable terms and conditions are provided in this agreement. Do not use our casino if you do not agree to comply with them. Please check this page occasionally for updates as we reserve the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time. The site may be changed at any time, and contacting you is not required. Only in their current form are the terms of use apply. As a result, you will only be able to skim the terms and conditions if you read them on another website or even the English version of our terms of service.

Participation and Jurisdiction

No one under the age of 18 is permitted to play at our casino. Additionally, we have the complete right to verify that users are following all guidelines for the website. If necessary, we have the right to request documentation of your identity, residence, or any other details without prior notice.

The player accepts complete responsibility for his or her conduct by participating in our casino. We also include conformity with local legislation when we use this phrase. You are solely responsible if you violate any local laws while playing at the casino.

Casino Customer Account

A new customer must give complete information about themselves while registering. It must be genuine and unfabricated. If the bettor’s information is inaccurate, a casino may request official documentation to verify your name, residence, or other details. We reserve the right to close or suspend the client’s account and seize the entire balance if the verification cannot be completed despite the client supplying the necessary documentation.

The client must completely replace the previous version of his personal information with the updated version if his registration details have changed. Additionally, any changes to the account data must be reported by the consumer to the casino’s technical support.

A player at an online casino is only permitted to open and maintain one account. If we find that one of our registered users has created additional accounts, we have the absolute right to block them all and remove all funds from them.

The gamer is entirely in charge of his activities when utilizing the account. Any action taken after entering the right username and password is legitimate. The player is exclusively responsible for maintaining the privacy of the account information, and the platform will not be held liable in the event that the data is lost. No casino is responsible for any losses to the money in your account.

Without offering a reason, the casino has the right to suspend or block a user’s account for private matters.

Account Check

The casino reserves the right to ask the client for documentation to support the information we need. The given documents must be digitally photographed in high definition with all the characters clearly visible. You could be asked to resubmit the relevant information if the information you provide is of poor quality.

We might request the client to provide identification (a passport or driver’s licence) and address verification (bank statements or utility bills). Other kinds of paperwork might also be required, if necessary.

The verification process may be stopped and the client’s account may be permanently blocked if the client gives inaccurate information about the account.

Responsible Gambling

Any disease or other mental issues brought on by playing casino games are exclusively the responsibility of the casino user. We urge players to occasionally take pauses from casino activities for a few months in order to avoid establishing a gambling addiction or, if one has already formed, to seek professional help.

Bonus Balance and Cash Balance

The amount is split between a bonus balance that the player accrues through taking part in the offer and a cash balance that the player accrues from depositing his own money. The bonus balance may only be withdrawn if all wagering requirements have been met. The moment the cash and bonus account balance is loaded up, all wagering conditions start to apply.

Money will be taken out of the cash and bonus accounts during gameplay in accordance with the quantities stored there. The bonus balance will be immediately cancelled if the user chooses to withdraw any of their cash balance.

General Terms and Conditions of the Bonus Offers

Unless otherwise specified in the bonus, each promotion is limited to a single use. Additionally, Cybernb reviews all bonus offers on a regular basis and reserves the right to add or remove bonus offers from our resources.

All bonus offers that have been accepted are valid for a maximum of 60 days before they automatically expire. If desired, the casino may, without providing a justification, forbid a specific number of patrons from taking part in a promotion.

Payments and Winnings

Players are not allowed to use funds gained through illegal means to fund their accounts. Additionally, a casino retains the right to seize any funds that customers may have acquired as a result of any fraud. The player’s cleared casino account balance is credited with winnings in the casino account currency. A player must first enter the desired amount into the casino before selecting a withdrawal method if he wants to withdraw some or all of his balance.

The cash withdrawal will remain pending for the following 48 hours. After 48 hours, the withdrawal will be processed the following business day. The monies will not be accessible for a partial or complete reversal prior to processing. Please be aware that it could take some time for money to be transferred to the bank account you chose after an online casino has issued payments. Payment processing times vary depending on the bank and the payment method. We have no control over it. Any delays in the transfer of money to your specified bank account are not the responsibility of the casino.