CyberSmart Summit Takeaways

Here's what some of our Delegates had to say about CyberSmart 2017

The 2018 CyberSmart Summit was one of the most valuable and well-organized events I have attended in recent memory. The Summit brought together a wonderful mix of stakeholders from industry, government, academia, and other relevant backgrounds which sparked many insightful conversations and partnership opportunities. The calibre of speakers was also excellent, as was the diversity of backgrounds and regions they represented. It was enlightening to learn about the cybersecurity workforce development initiatives from across the globe, and it was impressive to see how effectively the Summit fostered the international collaboration that is so critical to developing a global cybersecurity workforce.

Manager of Client Stratgegy – Analytics, Burning Glass Technologies

I was thrilled to be invited to the CyberSmart Summit 2018 to present how AustCyber is leading the development of Australia’s cybersecurity workforce. It was great to hear the different perspectives on the challenges Canada and other countries are facing in this space and the enormous opportunity provided by the Summit to share our unique insights and to discuss a common path forward. It was also fantastic to see Canada and Australia’s existing and potential future cooperation on display thanks to the team at CyberNB with discussion on Canada’s Cyber Security Strategy which shares many similarities with the Australian Government’s Cyber Security Strategy as well our commonality in the competition space with CyberTaipan now going live as the Australian equivalent to CyberTitans. I was also pleased to introduce Cyber Roo, Australia’s cybersecurity mascot to the Summit!

In sum this was a great event to showcase how countries can cooperate and not compete on the challenges we each face in cybersecurity workforce development and cyber space more broadly.

Program Manager, National Research and Education, Australian Cyber Security Growth Network (AustCyber)

Being part of the 1st CyberSmart Summit and talking about cybersecurity skills and workforce development was very exciting and important. Events like these confirm that despite living in an increasingly virtual world, meeting face-to-face for important conversations is very valuable. For CCNB, engaging the industry to determine their needs is part of how we operate and the Summit offered us another venue to do that while also engaging with government and other parts of academia simultaneously. Finally, the CyberSmart Summit provided me with the chance to network with the right people in the industry, and to exchange ideas with like-minded individuals who want to provide top quality and knowledgeable human resources for this extremely important sector in our digital society.

IT, Science and Technology, CCNB

I was absolutely delighted with the success of the Skills and Workforce Development Summit. The CyberNB team not only highlighted what is happening in the field of cybersecurity, but also used the event to establish critical relationships. The Summit built partnerships and has paved the way for future collaboration between leaders in the technology field, as well as the establishment of an MOU of with Education and Early Childhood Development.

Assistant Deputy Minister, NB EECD

With the heightening demand for cybersecurity talent on a global scale, the CyberSmart Summit fostered strong insights and connections to address this issue. Building a cybersecurity talent supply early in schooling will be paramount for Canada going forward. Our valued collaboration with the NB Department of Education & Early Childhood Development as well as Opportunities NB, and CyberNB to act as National Ambassadors for ICTC’s CyberTitan program marks a pivotal step forward in building the talent supply in Canada.”

ICTC, President & CEO

The CyberSmart Summit brought together the right key stakeholders employers, industry partners, school and university leaders, and government officials to work together side-by-side to build and grow the cybersecurity workforce of the future. The Summit program content and participant interactions set the stage for pursuing a cybersecurity education and workforce roadmap that is community-oriented, employer-led, learner-focused, standards-based, and outcomes-driven.”

NIST, Director

Finding and developing key talent in the cybersecurity field is key to the future growth and success of Bulletproof. CyberSmart 2017 and the thought leadership behind it is exactly what our organization needs to seize the opportunity ahead of us. Our participation and sponsorship in the event represent our commitment to addressing the talent challenges that we know exist.”

CEO, Bulletproof

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