Cyber Job Profiles

Exploitation Analyst

The primary roles of an Exploitation Analyst are to collaborate to identify access and collection gaps that can be satisfied through cyber collection and/or preparation activities. Also, to leverage all authorized resources and analytic techniques to penetrate targeted networks.

Category: Analyze

Specialty Area: Exploitation Analysis

Cyber Defense Analyst

The primary roles of a Cyber Defense Analyst are to use data collected from a variety of cyber defense tools (e.g., IDS alerts, firewalls, network traffic logs) to analyze events that occur within their environments for the purposes of mitigating threats.

Category: Protect and Defend

Specialty Area: Cyber Defense Analysis

Security Architect

The primary roles of a Security Architect are to ensure that the stakeholder security requirements necessary to protect the organization’s mission and business processes are adequately addressed in all aspects of enterprise architecture including reference models, segment and solution architectures, and the resulting systems supporting those missions and business processes.

Category: Securely Provision

Specialty Area: Systems Architecture

Data Analyst

The primary roles of a Data Analyst are to examine data from multiple disparate sources with the goal of providing security and privacy insight. Also, to design and implement custom algorithms, workflow processes, and layouts for complex, enterprise-scale data sets used for modeling, data mining, and research purposes.

Category: Operate and Maintain

Specialty Area: Data Administration

Software Developer

The primary roles of a Software Developer are to develop, create, maintain, and write/code new (or modifies existing) computer applications, software, or specialized utility programs.

Category: Securely Provision

Specialty Area: Software Development

Threat/Warning Analyst

The primary roles of a Threat/ Warning Analyst are to develop cyber indicators to maintain awareness of the status of the highly dynamic operating environment. Also, to collect, process, analyze, and disseminate cyber threat/warning assessments.

Category: Analyze

Specialty Area: Threat Analysis

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