Canada's First Critical Infrastructure Security Operations Centre

Cybersecurity Innovation in New Brunswick

The ground-breaking Critical Infrastructure Security Operations Centre (CI-SOC) project will create the first “proof of concept” integrated security operations centre that will protect New Brunswick’s critical infrastructure, coordinating security intelligence gathering, produce threat intelligence and fuse these for consumption by other industry SOCs and federal agencies.

The $3.8 million CI-SOC for cyber innovation and testing is a collaborative alliance that will enable multiple partners to protect their individual clients and collaborate on broader critical infrastructure protection.

CI-SOC Project Goals:

  • BE the foundation of the Cybersecurity Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) innovation within Canada;
  • ENABLE collaboration between industry, academia and government;
  • DEVELOP new intellectual property that will form the foundation of a CIP framework;
  • RAISE the bar for cybersecurity in New Brunswick and Canada; and
  • IMPROVE the resiliency of critical infrastructure.

Collaboration Results in Better Protection

The CI-SOC enables partners to proactively detect threats earlier, so that they can respond faster; preventing or disrupting attacks, reducing impact, enabling improved recovery, helping to develop indepth understanding of threats, tools and techniques, and increasing the overall

Based on the Charter of Trust

The Charter of Trust, the world’s first joint charter for greater cybersecurity, focuses on protecting data of individuals and companies; preventing harm to people, companies and infrastructures; and establishing a reliable foundation on which confidence in a networked digital world can take root and grow. Siemens and IBM are among the first signatories of this joint initiative.

Key Principles of the Charter

  • Ownership of cyber and IT security
  • Responsibility throughout the digital supply chain
  • Security by default
  • Innovation and co-creation
  • Education
  • Certification for critical infrastructure & solutions
  • Transparency and response
  • User-centricity
  • Joint initiatives

Future site of CI-SOC – Opening Fall 2020 in Fredericton, New Brunswick


Did you know
that the cybersecurity breach on Target in 2013 was caused by a third-party HVAC company that was a supplier to the retail giant?

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