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Our economy and the safety of our citizens and business communities, rely upon the security of our country’s defence, critical infrastructure including electricity, telecommunications, transportation, financial and healthcare systems and data.

As a result, it is essential to have standards and tools available to small and medium businesses who are not only the backbone of the economy, but also a critical player in the supply chain for major companies and our major systems that keep our economy running.

Did you know
the cyberattack that cost Target $162 million dollars was caused by a third-party HVAC company that was a supplier to the retail giant?

Cyber Essentials via The Cyber Highway online toolset is the solution for small and medium business communities to implement key technical security controls after and identify gaps they have in order to address them

The certification process enables companies to continue on their journey to help close gaps and mitigate cyber threats. Organizations can demonstrate to their shareholders, employees and clients that they have taken, and continue to take, the necessary steps to mitigate up to 80% of common online cyber threats.

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