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With predictions of cybercrime increasing to $6 trillion by 2021* and criminals focusing more on small and medium enterprises, mitigating risk is now critical. Cyber Essentials certification can help mitigate risk against 80% of common internet threats.

There are two levels of certification for Cyber Essentials:
Cyber Essentials Basic and Cyber Essentials Plus.

The CE Basic Program requires organizations to successfully complete a set of statements which are then audited by a third party before certification is awarded. This audit is conducted by a Certification Body which has been approved by CyberNB the National Authority for Canada and the Accreditation Body for Cyber Essentials Canada.

The CE Plus (CE+) Program includes the Basic CE statements, together with a requirement for businesses to have a third-party carry out a successful vulnerability assessment before certification can be awarded.

Did you know
that 60% of SMEs that are victims of cyberattack close their doors within six months?
(source: US National Cybersecurity Alliance)

Organizations can take the steps necessary to obtain certification by using The Cyber Highway. Certification further validates that your organization has taken the steps necessary to protect your data, your client’s data, your employees and your overall supply chain.

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Become a Cyber Essentials Certification Body

Organizations that wish to obtain Cyber Essentials Certification require an authorized certified body to audit the information provided. This is essential in order to verify the information provided. The Certification process is one that CyberNB takes very seriously and as such, requires that all audits be carried out by an authorized Certification Body only.

To become an authorized Certification Body, companies must not only be CE+ certified, but also:

  • Demonstrate appropriate levels of quality assurance processes, security controls, security assessment methodologies and met additional qualification criteria
  • Sign and maintain the Cyber Essentials Code of Conduct
  • Have proven access to technically competent and qualified staff
  • Be committed to adhering to the requirements of Certification Bodies for Cyber Essentials Canada.
  • Complete the training process.

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