New Brunswickers and Canadians have become fully dependent on critical infrastructure. Critical Infrastructure underpins our society and acts as the foundation of our health, safety and security and our economy.

From the time we wake up in the morning, we rely on the safety of our critical infrastructure. Critical infrastructure is essential to:

  • cook our children’s breakfasts,
  • bathe,
  • communicate with friends and families around the world,
  • travel and work,
  • shop both in-store and online,
  • as well as receiving emergency healthcare and more.

Living in Canada, we often take for granted our safety and security. However, with more and more of our lives and systems connected and online, we need to be proactive in protecting our critical infrastructure to protect you and our economy.

New Brunswick is committed to protecting its people and assets from cybersecurity threats and attacks. The protection of government data networks, public information and critical infrastructure is essential to minimize both financial loss and the integrity of public services.

nb power power lines

Photo courtesy of NB Power

CyberNB plays a pivotal role via collaboration with other government and private-sector organizations in creating a safe environment for government operations dependent on a secure internet and digital infrastructure. Canadians deserve a safe and resilient internet.

CyberNB focuses on facilitating collaboration to ensure:

1. There is a vibrant and evolving policy agenda;
2. Ongoing shared intelligence;
3. Shared training opportunities; and
4. A continued focus on collaboration for success.

Our partners are critical to making this happen. We do not operate in silos, nor can we execute many of the key components of the work without the assistance of our partners. Our partners are industry leaders. Our role is to facilitate collaboration and create opportunities for synergies.


Some of our key partners include, but are not limited to: (Please note we update this information frequently to best reflect our growing partner base.)


  • New Brunswick Municipalities Association and their respective members
  • New Brunswick Departments of:
    •  OCIO,
    • Public Safety,
    • Energy and Resources,
    • Justice, and
    • Transportation and Infrastructure.
  • NB Power
  • ACOA
  • Federal Departments of:
    • Public Safety Canada;
    • Innovation, Science and Economic Development;
    • Communications Security Establishment,
    • ACOA, and
    • the RCMP

Private Sector

  • Telecommunications Companies
  • Gas and Oil Suppliers
  • Airport Authorities
  • Port Authorities
  • Food Retailers
  • Human and Cargo Transportation Providers

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