John Kershaw, Director

John KershawJohn Kershaw is the former Deputy Minister of Education for the Province of New Brunswick (2003 – 2010). He also served as the Deputy Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs (2001 – 2003). He was also the co-founder of C21 Canada, a national coalition of industry and education leaders advocating for modernizing the nation’s education systems to the knowledge and digital reality of the 21st Century.

He has unique knowledge of 21st Century inspired learning systems focused on positioning learners and societies for the knowledge and digital era, arising from direct international, national and provincial ‎experience.

He also has proven high level leadership and experience in creating and executing comprehensive learning strategies relating to the knowledge economy and society. A specific example is C21 Canada’s vision document entitled: Shifting Minds: A 21st Century Vision of Public Education in Canada.

He also has unique experience in leading the implementation of successive government’s technology programs in public schools and has an established network of learning and human resource experts at the international, national levels and provincial levels. He has a proven track record of building consensus between the knowledge sector and education organizations, both during his tenure with New Brunswick and later when founding C21 Canada at the national level.

He also has a positive and unique track record associated with working with First Nation communities and the federal government in the field of education. He has a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning, University of Waterloo, Ontario, 1982.