18 October 2018 | by David Whelbourn


Collaborate Against Goliath: Fight Cybercrime with Innovation

To effectively protect data assets, our modern-day information shepherds must be armed with shared intelligence, able to leverage resources and become slingers of strategy and innovation.  To go toe-to-toe with the giant – and growing – enemy of cybercrime, the ability to strategize, innovate and collaborate across sectors is essential to the task.

Visiting cybersecurity conferences, you are faced with a huge array of case study sessions covering various breaches, presented by vendors and their security operation teams. They demonstrate how cyber criminals are collaborating globally. They freely share information and technology on what works, and how to exploit it. Without any regard for boundaries, they organize, execute and innovate attack strategies – on our organizations!

Like Goliath cybercrime appears to have an unassailable advantage. It is well resourced, has a skilled workforce, and isn’t worried about boundaries, silos or regulations. Our teams by comparison are hampered financially, highly regulated, and constrained by industry silos. They have “Special Forces,” we have “Boy Scouts and Girl Guides”.

Proactive cyber defence can flip the battlefield, disrupt these forces, and change antiquated organizational team view.

To create more resilient organizations we must:

  • Change drastically our working practices
  • Collaborate, to develop new protocols for data / intelligence sharing that will reduce the time delay down from days / weeks to minutes
  • Adopt widely these new protocols and best practices
  • Build a more secure critical infrastructure. In short, we need to be working together to protect our economy!

CyberNB was established to foster and develop the cybersecurity ecosystem in New Brunswick, Canada. Our focus is on building a cybersecurity cluster that concentrates on the problems in protecting our Critical Infrastructure. Protecting those processes, systems, facilities, technologies, networks that are critical to assets, and services essential to the health, safety, security, or economic well-being of Canadians and the effective functioning of government.

In September 2018, the Critical Infrastructure – Security Operations Centre (CI-SOC) project was officially kicked off with multiple partners from the three sectors. The first meeting identified what success looks like for each partner, the agreement on collaboration and an outline project governance structure. The project will use an Agile approach to ensure that benefits can be delivered as early as possible in the project lifecycle.

Proactive cyber defence can flip the battlefield, disrupt these forces, and change antiquated organizational team view.

The CI-SOC project is laser focused on innovating and developing a working model to integrate SOC’s from different industry verticals, combining the working practices, and data sharing across different organizations. The project is supported by partners collaborating from Industry, Academia and Government (Federal and Provincial).

The collaborative workspace and technology will lower boundaries between four to five different industry SOC’s located in the same building and same floor. The purpose-built collaboration space will enable the partners to develop and validate new protocols and best practices for sharing and responses to happen in minutes.

We can expect new data sharing protocols, a new integrated operating model for Critical Infrastructure Protection SOC’s and a maturity model with the associated training and best practices to help our Boy Scouts and Girl Guides to turn into Commando’s!

If you want to participate in the New Brunswick Cybersecurity eco-system please do not hesitate to reach out David.whelbourn@onbcanada.ca

CyberNB is a Special Operating Agency of Opportunities NB.

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