16 October 2018 | by Josh Waite


Trust and Compliance are the Ties that Bind in Business

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Running a business, whether you’re providing a product or a service (or both), is a lot like marriage – it’s all about trust and compliance.

At CyberNB we believe working diligently to support government-industry collaboration is part of the solution in response to growing threats. Driving standards through our Trust and Compliance pillar means helping support Canadian businesses who wish to take the safety, privacy, and security of their clients’ digital assets seriously.

The relationship between your business and your clients is precious, you work tirelessly to guard and protect that relationship, and it’s something you cherish as a business owner. It’s because you know how valuable your clients are – maybe they’re individual consumers, maybe they come in the form of businesses, or maybe even your government. Whatever the case, you want your customers to trust you, and they expect you to comply with the rules and regulations. They expect you to protect the information they have put in your hands.

Those expectations have always been there – we didn’t need the Internet to come along for us to understand that was the case. Think about it: would you take your car in for an oil change at the shop around the corner if you thought it would get stolen while in their possession? Would you have ordered items out of a catalog if you thought the business owner you were buying from was going to take your credit card information and buy themselves a new color TV? Or three? Doubtful.

Digital information is a commodity, and the risks associated with crime carried out by means of computers or the Internet are much lower than conducting crime in person. The payouts are also often much more significant. Digital assets (identities, intellectual property, databases, etc.) carry more value than ever, these assets are often left unguarded by business owners, and demand on the black-market grows exponentially while showing no signs of slowing down. So, what do you get when you combine lower risk with higher rewards and higher demand, then support that by a massively connected (and often anonymized) online network ripe with how-to’s, tools, resources, and organized communities? A complex and elegant system, often misunderstood – and difficult to avoid. Business owners are now more responsible than ever for the safety of their clients’ digital information.

You might be saying: yeah, great – but how do I help? For starters, we need to work together to build standards and compliance baselines that provide the guidance and insights that allow us all to respond effectively to these online hazards. We need to raise the bar consistently and measurably, together. It’s time to show our clients that they can trust us by acting first.

We’ve partnered with governments and businesses around the globe to respond, and our Cyber Essentials Canada program is one of those early examples. Cyber Essentials Canada is a government-backed certification program for businesses of all sizes. It’s a tool that larger organizations can use to monitor, verify, and measure the security compliance of their suppliers and supply chain.

Remember, running a business is a lot like a marriage – it’s all about trust and compliance. To learn more, visit the new Cyber Essentials Canada website or get in touch with us and ask us about supply chain risk management or how you, as a business owner, can take the first steps towards strengthening the trust between your company and your clients.

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