20 June 2018 | by Laura Sehl


Cyber Internships: Where Are Our Students Now?

By staying in the arts stream, I never anticipated working in cybersecurity, but as I have seen through internships, if you have an interest in the field, there is room for you in whatever capacity you can offer. I joined the CyberNB team in January and my internship with the marketing team will be completed at the end of August before I return to school. In May I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Public Policy from St. Thomas University and in September I will be entering a dual Master degree program at University of Ottawa and Université Catholique de Louvain, where I hope to earn both a Master of Arts in Communication and a Master of Multilingual Communication. From programming to marketing, business development to software engineering, it takes all of the elements of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) to get a cybersecurity company off the ground.

Internships are a great opportunity for students to try-on different aspects of career fields they are studying in. They are equally valuable for the students as they are the employers. Students and interns have played an important role in shaping CyberNB.  A common theme with our students is that they did not anticipate working in the cybersecurity industry, and hopefully this attitude begins to change as many students realize just how many opportunities there are for them. We are excited to catch up with some of our former co-op students to see how they have been shaping the landscape of computer science in New Brunswick since their internship.


Alex Amos spent summer 2017 with CyberNB. He is working toward a Bachelor of Computer Science at UNB and since his time at CyberNB he has worked with Quick Service Software and is hoping to begin another work term this fall.

“CyberNB was a great insight into Cybersecurity! It has influenced me to spend more time learning security concepts as well as focus on secure application development. Also, it helped me discover that I enjoy studying cybersecurity and will most likely be taking a few cybersecurity courses at UNB”.

After he graduates, Alex hopes to become a Software Developer and find work that will give him the ability to travel. “Since working at CyberNB, I have been focusing on improving my development skills and have worked on numerous projects to add to my portfolio. I have also made plans to begin freelancing and I am working hard to pick up my first jobs to jumpstart my career.”


Nathan is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering. His internship at CyberNB took place alongside Alex’s in the summer of 2017. Since his time with us, he has also completed a work term with the Communications Research Centre Canada.

Nathan said that “CyberNB has definitely made me more interested in cybersecurity and I will definitely be taking courses related to the field when I can.”

Nathan has been researching machine learning in his free time and has been trying to apply this knowledge by creating an NBA game predictor, which so far has been able to predict winners 68% of the time.

After graduating from his B.Sc. Nathan is hoping to pursue one of two options: working as a Software Engineer with data and machine learning based products or pursuing a Masters in Machine Learning or A.I.


Zach Smith was with CyberNB for the fall 2017 term. He is now going into his third year of university at UNB working toward a Bachelor of Computer Science. He is currently working at Service New Brunswick for the summer term as a Support Technician.

Of his time at CyberNB he said, “My work term made me realize that cybersecurity is a growing industry and that it is a very good career for me to consider.”

Zach plans to continue exploring realms of computer science like IT, programming, and cybersecurity.


Miranda spent winter 2018 with CyberNB, and is the most recent student to complete a co-op term with us,  “Working for CyberNB was a fantastic experience and opened my eyes to cybersecurity as a potential career that I had not considered before working there,” said Miranda of her experience.

Miranda has just returned to school at UNB working toward a Bachelor of Computer Science.  As extra learning, she is studying front-end development. After graduating, she plans on returning to her hometown of Saint John, New Brunswick to start her career.

We would also like to welcome our new cohort of cyber internships: Bridgette Ruck-Jessome and Maria Vidya Kotnise. Bridgette is pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Science and Maria is pursuing a Master of Computer Science, both students study at UNB. We are happy that they will be spending the summer at CyberNB.

We look forward to seeing all of our students involvement in our cybersecurity ecosystem in the years to come and wish them the best in all they do!

CyberNB is a Special Operating Agency of Opportunities NB.

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