14 May 2018 | by Jennifer McNeil-Haddad


Summit Draws World Class Thought Leadership to New Brunswick’s Cybersecurity Ecosystem

Creating the talent pipeline to fill 3.5million cybersecurity job openings worldwide (source: Cybersecurity Ventures) requires innovation, collaboration and resilience. As it turns out, organizing a Summit to create such a change also requires innovation, collaboration and resilience. Over the past few months, our blog and twitter feeds have been alive with information, interviews and links related to the only Cybersecurity Workforce Development Conference in North America: CyberSmart Summit 2018.

The multidisciplinary event has generated interest across industry, academia, government and critical infrastructure, drawing high profile delegates, thought leaders and field experts from around the world. At the second annual CyberSmart Summit, delegates will hear a full gamut of approaches to cybersecurity workforce development from the concept of an elite cybersecurity school with free tuition to a legal panel addressing cybercrime in Canada.

So, who are these world class thought leaders you can expect to learn from at CyberSmart 2018?

Matt McGuire, is a PhD student at the University of New Brunswick (UNB), who will be a panelist at the Summit. He has committed to study and develop digital literacy standards for the province of New Brunswick, over the next couple of years.

In that same panel discussion centered on curriculum and engagement for the k-12 set, Dr. Natalia Stakhanova, Mike LeBlanc, Robert Esposito, Charles Bazielewich and Chris Treadwell will be joining Matt. Dr. Stakhanova is NB Innovation Research Chair in Cybersecurity Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity (CIC), and CEO of CyberLaunch Academy. She is also the author of and all ages guide book entitled, Have You Been Hacked Yet?  How to protect your personal and financial information today. Mike Leblanc is CEO of BlueSpurs, the company that in partnership with CyberNB created the IoT learning kit called the Blue Kit, which earned the AWS City on a Cloud Award and is being implemented in New Brunswick schools.

Heather Ricciuto and David Jarvis will be addressing the talent gap from a different angle, presenting IBM’s New Collar program. This innovative industry perspective on workforce development recognizes the inherent potential of adults who might be lacking in formal education but have the skills to fill the jobs.

The variety of approaches in this interdisciplinary environment will be explored in greater detail at the CyberSmart Summit, May 15th and 16th in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

In the meantime we’ve compiled a Summit Content Catch-Up list:

  1. Read a first-hand student perspective of last year’s summit: Canada’s First Cybersecurity Workforce Development Summit: A Student’s Perspective
  2. Catch-up on Australia’s Adam Henry’s thoughts on workforce development: Collaboration is Key: Developing the International Cybersecurity Workforce
  3. Cheer on our CyberTitans in the national championship running parallel to our summit: Three New Brunswick Teams to Compete in CyberTitan National Championship
  4. Learn what to expect from what Will Markow will share with delegates at the summit: Will Markow of Burning Glass Technologies to Speak at CyberSmart 2018
  5. Read through AustCyber’s Owen Pierce’s thoughts on the future of cyber education: Australian Education Cybersecurity Expert, Owen Pierce to Speak at CyberSmart 2018
  6. Familiarize yourself with Shirley McKey’s cyber initiatives: Shirley McKey, Executive Director of SERENE-RISC to Speak at CyberSmart 2018
  7. Prepare for Dan Stein’s Keynote Address: Daniel Stein, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Joins #CyberSmart 2018 Lineup
  8. Discover why we’re excited for Melissa Hathaway’s Keynote Address: In Conversation with CyberSmart Summit Keynote: Melissa Hathaway

Following months of planning, a flurry of changes, an inspired partnership with CyberTitan, and a history making flood, the CyberSmart Summit for 2018 is ready to welcome speakers, sponsors, volunteers and youth.  We look forward to seeing you all at the Summit!

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