4 December 2017 | by Jennifer McNeil-Haddad


[WEBINAR Recap] Measure, Manage and Monitor Human-Centric Cyber Risk

Rounding out our Cybersecurity Awareness month webinar series in October, we focused on the human side of cyber risk with: Measure, Manage and Monitor Human-Centric Cyber Risk. Our guest, Beauceron Security CEO, David Shipley has become a go-to source for clear, easy to leverage cybersecurity approaches and perspectives. His voice is increasingly familiar throughout our cybersecurity ecosystem and beyond, making the rounds from television – CTV, CBC and Global – to print, internet and radio, too.

Dave uses real life scenarios and accounts to help position the seriousness of risk level in the digital economy. Security is often a hazardous afterthought in an ever-evolving landscape of technology.

In 2015, a pair of hackers and a journalist effectively proved the dangers of the Jeep Cherokee’s hackable head unit. The group filmed what happened when, via remote access, the hackers took control – and killed the engine – of a Jeep Cherokee as their journalist-colleague drove.  The latter visibly struggled to safely maneuver his vehicle which had dwindled to a crawl on a busy highway,  and no shoulder to turn to! It is a powerful demonstration of something drivers often take for granted, control over their machine. The goal for the hackers was to save lives by informing the public. They wanted Chrysler (maker of the Jeep) to patch the problem in affected vehicles, already on the road as well as address the flaw in future vehicle design.

As David, a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), with a Bachelor of Arts in Information and Communications Studies and a Master of Business Administration from the University of New Brunswick, demonstrates in his presentation, it’s not just devices that need to be patched; it’s the habits of the people who use them every day.

To access the full webinar,  Measure, Manage and Monitor Human-Centric Cyber Risk, Access the Webinar - David Shipley

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