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Partnership Helping to Develop Cybersecurity Industry

FREDERICTON (GNB) – The Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity at the University of New Brunswick (UNB), through a partnership with IBM, is helping to develop the province’s cybersecurity workforce.

“The need for more cybersecurity support and services around the world is a huge opportunity to create jobs here in our province. This is why cybersecurity has been identified as an economic growth opportunity for New Brunswick,” said Premier Brian Gallant. “Enhanced training and research opportunities through the Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity will help us seize this significant economic opportunity.”

IBM is the institute’s first partner in research and development. The company is helping fund highly skilled professionals in the growing field of cybersecurity, as well as providing in-kind contributions, such as technical and management resources, to provide project oversight and mentorship for students.

It is hoped this learning environment will help build a strong knowledge-based economy and encourage innovation, attracting even more talent to the province.

UNB is one of eight universities in North America chosen by IBM to help adapt its Watson cognitive technology for use in cybersecurity. The project could have groundbreaking implications for the industry.

“Together with IBM security systems, we are providing our students with the opportunity to gain experience and skill on practical real-life cybersecurity problems that will strengthen their university experience,” said Ali Ghorbani, PhD, director of the Canadian Institute of Cybersecurity and dean of UNB’s faculty of computer science.

CyberNB UNB announcement 18-05-2017
From left: Dwight Spencer, IBM; Heather Stapleton, IBM; Premier Brian Gallant; David Shipley, UNB; Derek Lohnes, IBM and Ali Ghorbani, UNB.

Jean-François Pelletier, corporate communications, Executive Council Office, 506-444-4718.
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