New Brunswick is the Canadian epicentre and a world leader in mitigating global cyber risks and threats.
Through CyberNB, an initiative of Opportunities NB, New Brunswick is executing a deliberate action plan to build upon our world-class industry cluster and enhance workforce development, education and cybersecurity research.


  • Industry cluster and new jobs
  • Infrastructure
  • Financial services industry security
  • Security operations for financial services and other industries
  • Support innovation ecosystem


  • Excellence in cybersecurity education (UNB, CCNB, NBCC)
  • Customized education programs
  • Cyber academy
  • Boot camps


  • Security operations centre
  • Leverage expertise for export
  • Secure infrastructure
  • Focus on advanced threat detection

Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity

  • Research, collaboration and innovation
  • Cybersecurity research and certification programs
  • International research network in security


  • Incubator (start-ups and mature)
  • National and international collaboration

Cyber Essentials Canada

  • Cyber Essentials Certification now available in Canada
  • Learn more