Canada's epicentre for cybersecurity.

CyberNB's purpose-built strategy is focused on creating a safe and resilient internet for our citizens and businesses. We are laser-focused on skills and workforce development, R&D, protecting our critical infrastructure, innovation and building our world class ecosystem. CyberNB is a special Operating Agency of Opportunities NB.

"New Brunswick’s cybersecurity ecosystem is an exciting space to be in. From the Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity to the start-up scene and global leaders like IBM, New Brunswick, through CyberNB has taken a leadership position in creating a safe and resilient digital space for New Brunswickers as well as Canadians. We're so proud to build on these remarkable collaborations we’ve so boldly entered into with the Province."
— Ben Wuest
Chief Architect, Sonrai Security

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"With the increasing global demand for cybersecurity resources, we know it is imperative to develop our human capital. At Cyber Launch Academy, we have highly specialized but engaging and fun workshops and classes for K-12 kids. They have hands-on experience that both educates and excites them. We focus on fostering life-long learning."
— Dr. Natalia Stakhanova
CEO, Cyber Launch Academy

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