Choosing a career path can be daunting. Luckily, the world is more connected than ever before. Working remotely and the ease at which you can change careers has never been more accessible for Canadians. Whether jumping into the job market for the first time or you’re ready for a change – your choice of career path is an important one. If you’re looking for an exciting, rewarding and in-demand career, here are five reasons cybersecurity may be right for you.  

In-demand Jobs 

There is currently a growing talent shortfall for cybersecurity positions in Canada, with over 6,000 positions open across the country. The number of open positions for cybersecurity professionals in Canada is growing by 7% annually. Globally, there are currently millions of vacant positions.  With the rise and increased complexity of cyber attacks, and the evolution of the industry, this demand is only expected to grow. No matter which concentration you choose, from analyst to engineer, administrator to architect, your skills and knowledge are needed in cybersecurity.  
Exciting Future 

While computers and information technologies are now ubiquitous in society and have been around in some form or another for decades, cybersecurity is very much in its infancy. Choosing a career in cybersecurity means you’re at the forefront of an industry that will shape and protect how the digital world operates for future generations. If career growth and innovation are important to you, cybersecurity may be the right choice.   
Cutting Edge Technology

As the cybersecurity industry advances, so do the technologies involved. Working in a Security Operations Center (SOC) can give you access to some of the most advanced software and hardware on the planet. Learn and grow as part of a team that’s developing, creating and executing the strategies necessary to protect the world from malicious cyber attacks.   
Competitive Salary

It’s no secret that careers in the IT industry are often well compensated with plenty of room for advancement, and the cybersecurity field is no different.  According to, the average cybersecurity salary in Canada is $86,541, while more experienced workers make upwards of $130,000 per year. As the industry grows and more value is placed on securing and protecting critical infrastructures, these numbers are expected to grow in parallel.    
A Rewarding Experience

Everyone wants to feel like their efforts have made a real and tangible difference in the world. As a cybersecurity professional, your efforts will protect the consumers, the businesses and the stakeholders of the digital world. Yes, cyber attacks are perpetrated digitally, but their effects have real-world consequences. Each corner of today’s society operates digitally in some way. Every person, either directly or indirectly, relies on technology in their everyday life and in-turn needs protection. A career in cybersecurity can be a rewarding one with a direct and positive impact on the world around you.    
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