Esports in Canada are growing exponentially, a recent study indicates that 89% of Canadian kids and teens play video games. With screen time on the rise can gaming go from being considered hours wasted to be the perfect training for an introduction to the booming field of cybersecurity?


CyberNB is working with CYBERPRO Global a world-class cyber education and training provider to bring CYWARIA League North to Canadian students this fall.


CYWARIA is a unique program in Canada built on the same platform international companies use for hands-on training to remain resilient in the face of today’s cyber threats by arming them with knowledge and preparing them with real-life experience.


Developed on CYWARIA, a cybersecurity streaming platform, CYWARIA League North is an interactive cyberwar game designed to teach students valuable skills for the digital battlefield by replicating real-world cyber threats.  Players tackle cyber-attack scenarios, honing their skills in threat detection, mitigation, and prevention, all the while learning about the always-evolving field of cybersecurity, a booming sector with over 6,000 open jobs in Canada and virtually zero unemployment. 


Starting October 2021, Canadian students registered in grades 11 and 12 from across the country will have the opportunity to enroll in the challenge-based platform. The program consists of 12 monthly challenges that are worth points and includes access to videos, tutorials, and other resources to help prepare for the next campaign.


To learn more about CYWARIA League North and to register your student, visit


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