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CyberNB bringing interactive cyberwar league that puts students on the front-line to tackle real-world cyber-attack scenarios to Canada


Esports in Canada are growing exponentially, a recent study indicates that 89% of Canadian kids and teens play video games. With screen time on the rise can gaming go from being considered hours wasted to be the perfect training for an introduction to the booming field of cybersecurity?


CyberNB is working with CYBERPRO Global a world-class cyber education and training provider to bring CYWARIA League North to Canadian students this fall.


CYWARIA is a unique program in Canada built on the same platform international companies use for hands-on training to remain resilient in the face of today’s cyber threats by arming them with knowledge and preparing them with real-life experience.


Developed on CYWARIA, a cybersecurity streaming platform, CYWARIA League North is an interactive cyberwar game designed to teach students valuable skills for the digital battlefield by replicating real-world cyber threats.  Players tackle cyber-attack scenarios, honing their skills in threat detection, mitigation, and prevention, all the while learning about the always-evolving field of cybersecurity, a booming sector with over 6,000 open jobs in Canada and virtually zero unemployment. 


Starting October 2021, Canadian students registered in grades 11 and 12 from across the country will have the opportunity to enroll in the challenge-based platform. The program consists of 12 monthly challenges that are worth points and includes access to videos, tutorials, and other resources to help prepare for the next campaign.


To learn more about CYWARIA League North and to register your student, visit


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Why You Should Upskill Into a Cybersecurity Job

The idea of the cybersecurity industry might seem like something out of a spy movie or a Y2K party. But despite the alien ring of words like cyberattacks, the industry is no longer niche or obscure. From banks to governments to social media companies, organizations across the board require an increasing number of professionals trained in cybersecurity to help protect them. The field is growing at an ever-quickening pace.


Simply put, cybersecurity is the application of technologies and processes to protect systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. These attacks typically attempt to uncover sensitive information, extort money, or exploit businesses. As the world becomes increasingly digital and the information on the Internet becomes more valuable, these attacks are increasing in frequency.


Cybersecurity is an international industry with professionals across the globe. Canada is no exception, and the country is home to more than 11,000 people with well-paying jobs in cybersecurity, representing $1.7 billion of GDP. The industry’s only expanding from here on out, making this an excellent time to transition into a career in cybersecurity.


To help more professionals reskill into cybersecurity and bolster Canada’s industry, the strategic and community-focused CyberNB is here. CyberNB is on a mission as a connector and multiplier working towards the collective advancement of Canada’s booming cybersecurity sector. CyberNB takes a holistic approach to the success of this sector by spearheading initiatives that align schools, skills and jobs. CyberNB’s latest initiative is the Cybersecurity Bootcamp, powered by Lighthouse Labs. Now you can upskill into cybersecurity through a 12-week remote program.


To explain more about the cybersecurity industry in Canada and beyond, what a job in cybersecurity might look like, and why it’s a great time to upskill into the industry, we spoke with Dolev Farhi. Dolev is a Principal Security Engineer at Wealthsimple, who has a genuine love for the industry and a wealth of insider knowledge. Read the interview to learn more about cybersecurity from an industry expert.


LHL: What is your main area of expertise within cybersecurity?


D: “...My area of expertise is security engineering, which is a pretty generic term and can mean many things to a variety of people. It boils down to solving advanced engineering problems companies face that require applied security in a wide variety of domains to support the business goals.


Whether it’s a new product that’s about to get released or a new feature of an existing product, everything has some security element that could break. They need to be reviewed, tested and vetted to reduce the risk to the business and support the day-to-day operations.”


LHL: What is the cybersecurity industry in Canada like? Is there a lot of growth happening at the moment?


D: “Canada’s cybersecurity industry is interesting, because we have a variety of businesses in banking and healthcare. Both of these sectors have been significantly impacted by cybersecurity breaches in the last few years.


With remote work now being the norm, we are seeing more US-based companies start to tap into the local Canadian market, whether by hiring remote engineers or by opening local Canadian branches to better serve their local customers. Some recent examples are Reddit, Netflix, Cloudflare, and Square, among others.


Hackers are not going away any time soon and the world is only going to get more connected. As long as this is our reality, cybersecurity professionals will always be required…”


LHL: Is there a need for more professionals trained in cybersecurity?


D: “... Cybersecurity needs more diversity from people of different backgrounds and cultures who can bring their unique perspectives. The industry needs to innovate and move faster than the bad actors do, and this requires human resources to grow the talent pool required to develop long-term strategies. Security is not only an engineering problem, it’s much more complex than that.”


LHL: What can a job in cybersecurity look like?


D: ”...Cybersecurity is a pretty large industry with multiple disciplines within it: Cloud Security, Network Security, Application Security, and Data Security, to name a few. A career can be built in each one of them, or across multiple disciplines.


You could be in a customer facing role providing recommendations to companies on how they should protect themselves against attacks. Or, you could be configuring your own company’s firewall to allow employees to securely work remotely. This is just the tip of the iceberg.


If you think about how militaries operate, cybersecurity is similar. A military protects their country and its citizens by having skilled troops in their lines, who can operate at one or more spaces, such as combat units, domestic and international intelligence gathering, airspace defence, back office work, etc.


Cybersecurity is similar - its goals are to support the business by reducing risk, to develop strategies to detect, and to respond and prevent various threats that put daily operations at risk.”


Upskill into Cybersecurity with CyberNB’s Bootcamp


If you’re interested in a career in cybersecurity, CyberNB can help you train into the industry with their new Cyber Bootcamp, powered by Lighthouse Labs. This virtual training program provides digital upskilling for those with non-technical backgrounds, or with basic digital experience. The 12-week program offers mentorship and practical, hands-on skills that will help you successfully launch a new career in cybersecurity. Demo Days allow you to showcase your new skills to potential employers, and virtual job fairs will have you connecting with CyberNB’s large network of partners across the country. All this will set you up for success in an exciting new field that needs more skilled professionals.


Is Cyber Bootcamp for me?


Whether you’re a recent grad or someone who’s looking for a career change, this program is great for applicants that thrive on problem solving, collaboration, and attention to detail. This bootcamp is well suited for beginners or intermediates with some experience in computing. The field of cybersecurity can also be a unique opportunity for those transitioning out of the military and looking to apply their skills to a civilian career.


What Will the Program Cover?


Learn at your own pace as you tackle modules on server administration, network security, threat modelling, analysis, and incident response.


Learning these subjects will qualify you for entry-level roles, including (but not limited to):

  • Cybersecurity Specialist/Technician
  • Cybersecurity Incident Analyst/Responder
  • Cybersecurity Analyst


The first Cyber Bootcamp cohort starts in September 2021 for students across Canada.


Are you ready to start your new career? 

Learn More! - From classroom to cyber career in just 3 months

New Canadian program designed to give non-techies entry-level skills to crack into the booming cybersecurity industry will welcome its first cohort in September


Cyber Bootcamp is designed to help meet the massive demand for workers in an industry with virtually no unemployment. Best of all, you don’t have to be a programmer or software engineer to apply. In fact, the program is explicitly meant for people without an IT background.


Read more here:

New Brunswick, Cisco Canada and CyberNB launch industry-recognized cybersecurity curriculum for students

Video announcement found here


News Summary:

  • Cisco Canada, New Brunswick’s Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, and CyberNB are partnering on a new education program that will narrow the digital skills gap with a cybersecurity curriculum.      
  • Offered in French and English, the province-wide program will equip upwards of 1,500 students over three years with cybersecurity skills through Cisco Networking Academy, with an opportunity to earn industry-recognized credentials.
  • The partnership will help solidify New Brunswick as a leading centre for cybersecurity and build a pipeline of talent to keep up with the growing demand for cybersecurity skills. 


Fredericton, NB, June 23, 2021 – To address a digital skills gap that has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, today Cisco Canada, New Brunswick’s Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, and CyberNB are announcing a partnership to deliver cybersecurity skills education and training to upwards of 1,500 high school students over the next three years. The program will help solidify New Brunswick as a leading centre for cybersecurity in Canada and enable the province to keep up with the growing demand for cybersecurity jobs.


As Canada moves into the next era of economic growth, the need to equip Canadians with the right mix of digital skills has never been greater. The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) estimated that employment in the digital economy will grow to over two million by 2022. The need for a skilled workforce is even more evident in the cybersecurity space, where demand for cyber talent is growing seven per cent annually across the country, but without enough skilled professionals to fill the roles. 


“We live in a fast-paced world where innovation and technological progress are constant. Demand for cybersecurity talent is growing and our students need to be prepared to join technology-based workforces that are still evolving,” said New Brunswick Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development, Dominic Cardy. “With open access to cybersecurity courses provided by Cisco’s Networking Academy, our students will be ahead of the curve. We will work closely with CyberNB and other partners to identify and create experiential learning opportunities that can provide students with valuable knowledge, skills and connections as they prepare to build their lives in New Brunswick after graduation.”


Starting September 2021, students will have the opportunity to enroll in bilingual Cisco Networking Academy courses through CyberNB – a non-profit focused on growing Canada’s cybersecurity sector – with the potential to earn an industry-recognized credential as a Cisco-Certified Cyber Ops Associate. Along the education pathway, students can also earn badges for Intro to Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity Essentials, Networking Essentials and more. This will set them up for future employment in a highly sought-after industry as they establish their IT careers in New Brunswick. 


The program is funded by a three-year $1.75 million investment from Cisco Canada’s Country Digital Acceleration Program which forms strategic partnerships with governments to help build digitally inclusive societies, more resilient economies, and the workforce of the future. 


“Cisco is investing in this program to build a talent pipeline of skilled workers for the cybersecurity industry in New Brunswick and beyond,” said Shannon Leininger, President of Cisco Canada. “In this post-pandemic, digital-first world, a skilled IT workforce is integral to Canada’s long-term economic prosperity and competitiveness. Through partnership models like these, we can scale cybersecurity skills training nationally and help Canadians pursue high-paying, high-skilled jobs.” 


“We know that cybersecurity skills are in demand – and that this demand will only continue to grow as our world becomes ever-more connected,” said Tyson Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, CyberNB. “CyberNB will be rolling out the curriculum to English and French schools across the province, providing training and support for teachers to successfully implement the industry recognized program in the classroom and give their students real-world, high -demand skills training.”


The program is available to grades nine through 12. The entire course takes up to 255 hours to complete, and includes modules, hands-on labs, quizzes, activities, and exams.  


About Cisco 

Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide leader in technology that powers the Internet. Cisco inspires new possibilities by reimagining your applications, securing your data, transforming your infrastructure, and empowering your teams for a global and inclusive future. Discover more on The Network and follow us on Twitter.


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CyberNB and Lighthouse Labs Announce Launch of Cyber Bootcamp to Meet Growing Demand for Cybersecurity Talent

New 12-week virtual training program gives non-IT professionals in-demand

skills for careers in the booming cybersecurity industry    

CyberNB Inc. and Canadian tech education leader Lighthouse Labs are thrilled to announce the launch of Cyber Bootcamp, a new online training program that, in just 12 weeks, gives students with non-technical backgrounds the skills and training they need to launch a career in cybersecurity. Graduates will be qualified for roles such as a Cybersecurity Specialist or Technician, a SOC Analyst Level 1, or a Cybersecurity Incident Analyst or Responder. As part of the program, graduates will be matched with employers from across the country.


“As Canada’s top programming and coding bootcamp, Lighthouse Labs was a natural partner in this ground-breaking training program,” says Dillon Donahue, CyberNB’s Director of Workforce & Skills. “They’re a national leader in finding the best ways to train the next generation of tech workers, and we’re excited to apply their approach to cybersecurity training. “


Since 2013, Lighthouse Labs’s hands-on and accelerated coding bootcamps have launched the tech careers of over 1,500 graduates, with over 95% of job-seeking alumni finding work within six months in 2019.


“Partnering with CyberNB on the Cyber Bootcamp was a perfect fit for us,” says Jeremy Shaki, CEO of Lighthouse Labs. “Their focus on training the next generation of cybersecurity professionals aligns with our goals to empower students, launch careers, and contribute to the incredible growth of Canada's tech industry.”


Lighthouse Labs is currently offering fully remote learning, and the Cyber Bootcamp will be open to students across Canada. While open to anyone looking to pursue a career in the cybersecurity industry, the Cyber Bootcamp is a particularly excellent up-skilling option for recent graduates, exiting military personnel looking to transfer their security experience into the tech sector, and people looking to pivot in their careers.


Following an introductory self-study prep course on computer operations, students will be taken through a 12-week curriculum. Delivered through a mix of live online classrooms and self-guided learning, each week of the program features a different theme, including server administration, network security, threat modelling and analysis and incident response.


The program also has a strong workforce connection component. CyberNB is working with its partners and members across the country to promote its job-matching service to the industry. Following the program, CyberNB will provide graduates with career readiness and job placement services, matching students and employers to help to fill the jobs gap and launch many exciting new cybersecurity careers.


The job opportunities for graduates are extensive. There is a growing demand for cybersecurity talent, with over 6,000 open positions in Canada, and the talent shortfall continues to grow.


The first Cyber Bootcamp cohort will start on September 13, 2021. For more information on Cyber Bootcamp and how to apply, visit:

Teams from Nashwaaksis Middle School place 1st and 2nd in National CyberTitan Championship

Congratulations to the CyberDragons teams from Nashwaaksis Middle School, who placed 1st and 2nd in the CyberTitan National Middle School Division Championships. 


The CyberDragons1 team pictured at left (Peyton Jardine-Tobin, Mattias Zaat, Matthew Golden, Simone Dickeson, and Anthony Cruickshank) won first place in the national cybersecurity competition, earning them a spot at the High School CyberTitan national competition held virtually later this spring. 


The CyberDragons2 team (Cameron Rogers, Graydon Andrew, Aiden Daley, and Cameron Lockhart) are the first ALL GRADE 6 TEAM to place nationally in the competition. Definitely a team to keep an eye on in next year’s competition! 

CyberNB Awarded Digital Skills for Youth (DS4Y) Federal Internship Program to Benefit Underemployed University or College Graduates in the Province of New Brunswick

Fredericton, NB: CyberNB, New Brunswick’s hub for cybersecurity, announced today that it was selected to be the Digital Skills for Youth (DS4Y) Delivery Organization for the province. As a Delivery Organization, CyberNB will connect eligible youth with industry partners for 50 internships across New Brunswick beginning this August. Organizations that hire an intern as part of the program will receive up to $30,000 in funding from Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Canada. 

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Cybernb désigné pour gérer le programme fédéral de stages en compétences numériques destinés aux diplômés postsecondaires au nouveau-brunswick


Fredericton (N.-B.) : CyberNB a annoncé aujourd'hui qu'il a été désigné pour gérer le programme Compétences numériques pour les jeunes (CNJ) au Nouveau-Brunswick. CyberNB est le centre de la cybersécurité au Nouveau-Brunswick. En tant qu'organisme d’exécution, il présentera 50 jeunes à des partenaires de l'industrie pour faire des stages partout dans la province, et ce, à compter du mois d'août. Les organismes qui embauchent un stagiaire recevront un financement jusqu’à 30 000 $ d'Innovation, Sciences et Développement économique (ISDE) Canada. 


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