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CyberNB is empowering the next generation by spearheading initiatives that connect education and training to digital social issues and job prospects. Through a holistic approach that starts in elementary school, career pathways are now in place across all education levels in New Brunswick, where students are learning about opportunities and ethics related to tech from an early age.






K-8 Programs


Sparking early interest in cybersecurity and technology.


CyberNB is driving cybersecurity education in K-8 classrooms across New Brunswick.


  • Cyber Immunization Program: Through a series of fun activities, this school program explores cybersecurity, digital literacy, and online ethics. Featuring CyBear and Reverse, CyberNB mascots who champion digital citizenship and safety, it includes lesson plans and our “Timeout” graphic novel. Offered in English and French in two learning levels (K-5 and 6-8), we’ve delivered it to over 5,000 students in N.B. and P.E.I. Our vision is to take the program national, to students across Canada, and we anticipate future opportunities to license and export to other countries.










High School Programs

Creating exceptional workforce and learning opportunities for youth.


CyberNB has developed programs for high school students that help them prepare for the world–and jobs–of the future: 


  • Cybersecurity & Technical Support 110/Cybersecurity 120: These advanced courses replace outdated tech curricula to introduce and explore topics around network and cybersecurity through academic and practical learning opportunities. 
  • Mentorship and Virtual Co-Op 120: Working virtually with a cybersecurity company, students meet via video conference for 1-2 hours a week while working on related assignments and projects. This program has led to job opportunities as students transition to post-secondary and career paths.










CyberDefence League & CyberTitan

Promoting extracurricular cybersecurity fun for students.


CyberNB is a national leader in developing extracurricular cybersecurity programs for students in middle and high school.


  • CyberDefence League: We created this fun and educational program to support students’ growing interest in cybersecurity and technology. This 50-minute competition takes place over 5-6 rounds during the school year and culminates in a provincial championship. CyberDefence League is the fastest-growing extracurricular program in New Brunswick schools.  
  • CyberTitan: CyberNB is a significant driver of this national cybersecurity competition from the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) that puts students in the role of IT professionals and connects them with industry mentors. With over 120 New Brunswick teams, CyberTitan has become one of the most extensive extra-curricular activities in the province, and a handful of teams have competed as national finalists.










Digital Skills for Youth (DS4Y)


Connecting youth to paid internships and meaningful employment. 


CyberNB was proud to be awarded the Digital Skills 4 Youth (DS4Y) contract by the Government of Canada in 2021 for the second year in a row. This paid internship program helps connect young graduates with meaningful digital-based jobs in Canadian companies. As the provincial delivery organization for DS4Y, CyberNB will place recent graduates in paying, promising positions with industry partners.


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