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Supply chain protections for the digital economy.  

Supply chain owners can achieve peace of mind by leveraging the unique one-of-a-kind online platform and tapping
into additional features and benefits to measure and manage their supply chain’s level of cybersecurity compliance. 

Foster the growth and maturity of your suppliers, while leaving the management to us!





Identify the current information security posture of your entire down stream supply chain.


Verify the progressive deployment of information security compliance certification of all suppliers.



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Executive oversite of supplier resilience at a glance!


Unique Management Platform 


CyberNB | CIPnet offers an ideal solution for helping secure supply chains by delivering a succinct set of information security standards

that can be easily implemented by a supply chain. Along with offering monitoring and reporting to track adoption and compliance via our portal, 

also offers project management and oversight of the rollout through our unique toolset. 





Management Platform  

The team will certify your supply chain under the an internationally recognized framework, based on your organization’s requirements. We will also establish a custom program that includes processes, tools, templates and techniques that will: 

  • Monitor the implementation of the compliance certification standard for your supply chain. 
  • Provide support and guidance in the ongoing compliance of the standard. 
  • Enable effective tracking and reporting of adoption to compliance by delivering regular executive reports outlining and summarizing progress throughout the life of the project and compliance renewals. 
  • Engage in project management and consultation of the compliance program for your supply chain. 


An additional benefit of our supply chain management feature is that it enables monitoring and measuring of compliance across all third-party suppliers to provide a high level of assurance that your extended network is secure.  






Ensuring the critical flow of products and services 

Having a critical supplier go down for several hours can have a negative impact the business operations of an enterprise,
while having a supplier down indefinitely can be devastating financially and reputationally. 

Strengthen your brand with a iron clad network of suppliers! 





Benefits to your Organization

  • Suppliers will understand incident prevention.
  • Suppliers will have recovery and contingency mechanisms in the event of an incident.
  • No overhead administration of the resilience program. Our dedicated account managers will handle all the heavy lifting.
  • Support staff will provide program framework and support guidance directly to your suppliers.
  • A reporting structure customized to your requirements.
  • 24x7 at a glance executive oversight of supplier resilience status.
  • Foster the growth and maturity of your suppliers.










Benefits to Downstream Suppliers 


  • Independent risk detection and management. 
  • Information security and privacy maturity. 
  • Increased trust of clients, partners, and stakeholders.
  • Expanded market opportunities to compete in supply chains and foreign markets.
  • Increased eligibility for cyber insurance coverage and premium discounts.
  • Access to support and guidance at every step of their maturity program.
  • Access to trusted managed support practitioners. 





Training programs for your suppliers and internal staff 

Professional training and guidance to facilitate understanding of the

current state and an optimized future state of information security and privacy. 





Privacy Training Programs


Regulatory Compliance

Understand new privacy regulation in Canada and around the world. Learn how to maintain compliance and ensure staff understand and follow best practices.

Certification and Control Compliance Training Programs


Control Guidance

Set your team up for successful certification with professional training solutions to ensure understanding and correct control implementation.



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Cyber Awareness Training


Inform and Empower Staff

Awareness training for the whole team! Learn the risks and how best to foster information security in your organization.





Managing the resilience of downstream suppliers can keep you up at night. 
You are not alone! We are here to support your piece of mind. 


We have programs to support a hardened supplier base and a resilient staff, with cybersecurity compliance, privacy program implementation, and training solutions. 


Information security is a complex and continually evolving field. We’ve got the details you need to help make smart, informed decisions

on certification for your business and to determine whether your organization should invest in cyber insurance. 


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