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SourcetekIT Launches The Most Advanced Cloud On The Market, Naryan Cloud!

The future of the Cloud is here: Naryan Cloud is making waves for its multifaceted and cost-effective approach for your Cloud needs.

SourcetekIT, one of North America’s leading cybersecurity service providers, created Naryan Cloud, a fully managed service which is cyber secured, expandable to accommodate your business growth but more importantly cost effective. It is fully equipped with advanced cybersecurity features and a customizable certification systematic plan that allows clients to select the framework built into their Cloud. Best of all, it provides cost-effective solutions to traditionally expensive issues.

Say goodbye to hassle and unnecessary expenses, and say hello to Naryan Cloud.

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Let’s dive in deeper to the four outstanding benefits of Naryan Cloud:

1. Built-In Managed Service

With other Cloud services, businesses often struggle with moving to the Cloud and reaping all the benefits. Out of desperation they turn to a third party Managed Service Provider (MSP), an expensive cost many do not initially anticipate.

SourcetekIT saw this interaction as an unnecessary hassle and expense (not to mention a stressful experience) that prevented many businesses from making the move to the Cloud. To simplify the process, SourcetekIT created the only Cloud with an MSP built directly into it, at no additional cost. This allows your business to get setup on the Cloud quicker than ever, and provides you with improved quality and control to personalize your Cloud experience. As your business grows, so does the Cloud.

2. Cybersecurity

As a professional and managed services organization, SourcetekIT is equipped with best in breed security tools and professional resources. Thus, it is no surprise that SourcetekIT has created the most secure Cloud on the market in Naryan Cloud.

Naryan Cloud was created to provide customers with peace of mind during a time where remote working is on the rise. No matter where you are, Naryan Cloud is accessible and secure on any device. It is the only secure cloud with Ransomware protection included, and has a direct VPN so there is no need for a Disaster Recovery. Naryan encrypts backups and can restore files, and provides 24/7, 365 monitoring. Whenever a threat is detected, you are immediately notified and it is instantly tended to. Built on the zero-trust model, Naryan enforces strict access controls and trusts no one, even those already inside the network perimeter

3. Customized Certifications

Unlike the one size fits all approach taken by other Cloud providers, Naryan Cloud acknowledges your business’ unique and ever changing needs. Naryan Cloud can be customized to meet framework standards, such as CyberSecure, HIPAA, FDA, PCI or ISO. If your business involves healthcare files, your Cloud needs to be HIPAA and FDA compliance to secure your patient data. Most importantly, Naryan Cloud is expandable; if your business grows to require a framework, the Cloud grows with it.

4. Cost Effective Solutions

Traditionally, to get the most out of the Cloud you need to invest in external services, such as Managed Service Providers, Auditors, and other hidden fees. With Naryan Cloud there is no additional security cost to move your customers onto the Cloud, no additional costs associated with an external MSP, no additional costs for new hardware, office space and phone systems, and no internal auditor costs thanks to the built-in frameworks. Ultimately, Naryan Cloud reduces costs by 60%.

Companies that have moved to the Cloud have seen extreme growth, in both their customer base as well as the quality of their services. Moving to the Cloud is no longer a question of “if”, but of “when” and “with whom”. With SourcetekIT’s new product, the answer is now and with Naryan Cloud. There is no other Cloud like it on the market.

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