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CyberNB’s programs focus on four core pillars, each designed to address a different component of the domestic and international cybersecurity ecosystem. From workforce development to accelerating commercialization and maximizing opportunities for collaboration, we work with our members and partners in industry, government and academia for greater collective impact.

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Helping organizations of all sizes operate safely in the digital economy

Canadian businesses must ensure their systems, operational processes, and data are secure. This is especially true for small and medium-sized companies, which often lack the resources that larger organizations have to continually monitor threats. CyberNB connects businesses of all sizes with accreditation bodies so they can mitigate risk and obtain required certification. Our Trust & Compliance initiatives include:

  • Liaising with national and international certification bodies
  • Helping businesses obtain required certification/accreditation
  • Promoting best-practices in assessing vulnerabilities and threats
  • Expanding market opportunities to compete in supply chains that require accreditation

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Fostering ethical innovation, digital resilience and critical infrastructure protection

The internet and digital technology are exploding. So are the risks and threats. CyberNB plays a pivotal role in creating a safe environment for government and industry operations that rely on a secure internet and digital infrastructure. We support initiatives to protect critical infrastructure, coordinate security intelligence-gathering and facilitate threat intelligence sharing. Our initiatives include:

  • The ground-breaking Critical Infrastructure Security Operations Centre (CI-SOC)
  • Transparency Centre in the Cybersecurity Centre - opening 2021
  • Apolitical advocacy for a thriving industry and new technology
  • Promoting transparent, ethical and safe innovation
  • Providing thought leadership and policy recommendations

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Aligning education, training and employers to fill the jobs pipeline

Demand for cybersecurity talent is high–and growing. By 2022, there will be 1.8 million job vacancies globally in this and related fields. CyberNB is aggressively preparing for this opportunity. Drawing on New Brunswick’s assets in business, IT, infrastructure and research, CyberNB has positioned the province as a cybersecurity leader that’s connecting the dots between education, training and employers. Initiatives include:

  • Developing K-12 Digital Literacy Strategy with the New Brunswick government
  • Being a major driver of CyberTitan, Canada’s youth cyber education initiative
  • Founding the Cyber Defence League extracurricular program in NB schools
  • Matching youth and businesses for paid internships as official Delivery Organization for the Federal Government's DS4Y program
  • Liaising with indigenous communities, non-profits, government and industry
  • Developing hands-on training, co-ops and mentorship opportunities
  • Lobbying for policies and programs that support business growth and digital resiliency
  • Promoting STEM programs for students

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Helping the next generation of cybersecurity companies get to market quicker

The push to develop a leading-edge cybersecurity industry that benefits society and competes globally has created tremendous opportunities for tech entrepreneurs. CyberNB helps accelerate the path from concept to market. We connect emerging and established businesses that are building new and innovative products and services in critical infrastructure with support, mentorship, expertise and funding. Initiatives include:

  • Attracting world-leading companies to the ecosystem
  • Supporting early-stage companies in our tech incubator
  • Showcasing promising new technologies nationally and internationally
  • Connecting members to investment, funding and advisory services
  • Helping startups test and validate products before going to market

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“Cyber NB have been an instrumental partner in the growth and success of Kognitiv Spark. Their team understands the value behind a strong community of innovators and service providers committed to the expansion of New Brunswick’s cybersecurity and tech footprint” 

Yan Simard, CEO, Kognitiv Spark

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“New Brunswick has the right mix of talent, opportunity and drive to seize the tremendous opportunity to help build a more secure digital world. But to truly achieve our leadership potential in cybersecurity, we need to be big enough to matter yet small enough to be agile and creative. It’s a tough balancing act that requires a comprehensive plan that brings together security professionals, government, education and the private sector.”

David Shipley, CEO, Beauceron Security

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"CyberNB, as a leader in Cybersecurity education development, has played a pivotal role in TECHNATION Canada’s Cybersecurity Talent Alliance.  As an initial member of this Alliance, they have provided needed insights from their experience with the cybersecurity community and contributed to the definition of the Canadian Cybersecurity Skills Framework and Cybersecurity National Occupational Standard - key components in achieving the skilled workforce that Canada needs." 

Randy Purse, CD PhD, CSTD, VP Future Workforce Development, TECHNATION Canada

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"New Brunswick’s cybersecurity ecosystem is an exciting space to be in. From the Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity to the start-up scene and global leaders like IBM, New Brunswick, through CyberNB has taken a leadership position in creating a safe and resilient digital space for New Brunswickers as well as Canadians."

Ben Wuest, Chief Architect, Sonrai Security