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Tyson Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

CyberNB Inc.

Tyson has worked in both the public and private sectors over the course of his career. Starting in the Federal civil service, Tyson developed hands-on experience across the entire spectrum of issues facing Canada’s foreign and domestic threats. He worked closely with government agencies in Canada and abroad to collaborate and achieve successful outcomes.

After departing the Government of Canada, Tyson spent the next number of years building and supporting enterprise risk management programs for multinational organizations in both financial services and electronics manufacturing. During this time, Tyson worked globally to understand and integrate regional legal and operational practices into a global corporate framework to support business success.  It was during this period that Tyson obtained his Masters designation from The Fletcher School of International Law & Diplomacy at Tufts University. His thesis explored the contributing decision support factors for comparative country risk assessment by corporations.

Prior to his current role at CyberNB, Tyson led BrightPlanet, a US-based ‘big data’ pioneer, as its VP Business Development & Strategy. In this role, Tyson helped shape BrightPlanet into a successful member of the data & analytics ecosystem to support risk management across government and industry. This included a key focus on threat identification and cybersecurity initiatives.

Today, Tyson leads CyberNB as it coordinates government, industry and academia to support cybersecurity in Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) across Canada.


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