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Cybersecurity is a complex ecosystem. CyberNB convenes and connects a diverse network of stakeholders in government, industry and education to create a safe, resilient and prosperous sector for us all. 

CIPnet Members


Members join our flagship program to connect to Canada’s most extensive network of cybersecurity stakeholders and collaborate on solutions that drive critical infrastructure protection.

Educational Partners

From K-12 to leading post-secondary academic and research institutions, we advance cybersecurity education to develop talent for our growing job market. 

Cybersecurity Clusters

Bringing collective bodies together to collaborate is a force multiplier. By sharing our networks, knowledge and commercial opportunities, we all do better.


Whether you’re starting up, scaling up, or well-established and looking to innovate, we facilitate connections across our network for product development, R&D and funding opportunities. 

Certification Partners

We have agreements with leading bodies in Canada and the U.S. to offer the reputable cybersecurity certification programs you need to unlock new opportunities and increase resiliency.

Government Partners

As an apolitical, non-profit organization, CyberNB helps governments achieve their cybersecurity mandates while connecting members to public funding.