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CyberNB fosters cutting-edge cybersecurity for critical infrastructure such as utilities, the financial system, telecommunications, public services and transportation networks. Along with supporting opportunities to build the necessary physical and technological assets, we help coordinate a diverse network of partners to share security threat intelligence and pursue research and commercial opportunities.








Canada’s first Critical Infrastructure Security Operations Centre. 


When it comes to cybersecurity, the more you share, the better the outcomes. The ground-breaking Critical Infrastructure Security Operations Centre, or CI-SOC, is a collaborative alliance that increases the overall resiliency of the region’s critical infrastructure. CI-SOC enables multiple partners to improve their individual and collective cybersecurity by coordinating threat intelligence to prevent or disrupt attacks.


CI-SOC goals:

  • BE the foundation of cybersecurity Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) innovation in Canada.
  • ENABLE collaboration between industry, academia and government.
  • DEVELOP new intellectual property that will form the foundation of a CIP framework.
  • RAISE the bar for cybersecurity in New Brunswick and Canada.
  • IMPROVE the resiliency of critical infrastructure.

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The Cyber Centre: A First For New Brunswick


A cutting-edge jewel in the heart of Fredericton’s Knowledge Park. 


This high-tech, high-security fortress will soon be home to a host of cybersecurity firms creating the next wave of technology and services to protect critical infrastructure in telecommunications, banking, energy, utilities and government. The only high-security building of its kind in the province, it’s also a national model for public-private partnerships in the sector. CyberNB will run the Cyber Centre’s Innovation Lab, which will be Rogers 5G enabled and include a suite of state-of-the-art technology to fuel innovation in cybersecurity and drive collaboration between industry, government, and academia.


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For more information about all of the exciting work in our Innovation & Infrastructure pillar, contact

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