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CyberSecure Canada SME Support Program


Did you hear about In-Sec-M new program? Reassure Your Customers about your cyber security.


In-Sec-M is an ecosystem of cybersecurity experts In-Sec-M, the National Cyber Security Industry Cluster with a mission to connect people, technology and opportunity.  Our extensive network of more than 80 members across Canada provides SMEs with access to expertise and state of the art Canadian cyber security technologies to protect them from cyber attacks. 

One of our programs is to assist SMEs in their accreditation process to the CyberSecure Canada standard in order to strengthen their competitive advantage by reassuring their customers of their cybersecurity while reducing the impact of cyber attacks and enabling them to compete in markets that require cybersecurity certification.  


This program offers Canadian SMEs that qualify personalized coaching allowing them to implement the 13 cybersecurity controls as well as the audit required to obtain certification. It includes:  

  • a summary evaluation of the company's cybersecurity maturity level;  
  • personalized support for the implementation of the required controls;  
  • a pre-audit evaluation;  
  • an audit performed by an accredited certification body.  


Why is cyber security important for your company? 

  • According to Statistics Canada, 21% of Canadian businesses were victims of a cyber security incident in 2019.  
  • The financial costs and reputational damage resulting from a security breach are enormous and can put a company at risk.  
  • Adopting sound cybersecurity practices reduces the risk of cyber attacks and ensures compliance with applicable regulations and standards.  


CyberSecure Canada certification provides a competitive advantage to the organization.  


Contact us at [email protected] to find out how to benefit from the program.