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Virtual training program with Lighthouse Labs to launch cybersecurity careers


Cyber Bootcamp provides digital up-skilling for people with non-technical backgrounds


Cyber Bootcamp is an intensive 12-week program brought to you by CyberNB and Canadian tech education leader, Lighthouse Labs, designed to kick-start your cybersecurity career. 

The first Cyber Bootcamp cohort started September 2021 for students across Canada. Upon completion, students receive a certificate and are paired with employers to break into the booming cybersecurity industry, which boasts the lowest unemployment rates in the country and across the globe. 

Graduates will be qualified for entry-level roles including: 

  • Cybersecurity Specialist/Technician
  • Cybersecurity Incident Analyst/Responder
  • Cybersecurity Analyst








Intensive and immersive, Cyber Bootcamp takes a hybrid virtual approach, mixing live online classrooms and self-guided learning. Following an introductory self-study prep, students dive into modules on server administration, network security, threat modelling and analysis, incident response and more. Cyber Bootcamp provides industry-aligned curriculum (NICE framework), mentorship, and a top-notch learning environment that focuses on practical, hands-on skills needed to launch a cybersecurity career.




10-40hr Prep Module


12-Week Bootcamp


40hrs+ per week


8:1 Mentor Ratio










Is Cyber Bootcamp for you?


Cyber Bootcamp is an excellent fit for non-technical people as well as those with some security or digital experience, including recent graduates and those looking for a career pivot. Successful applicants thrive on problem solving, collaboration and attention to detail. 






You have no prior computing experience, but you’re comfortable online and keen to learn the new skills you’ll need to start your cybersecurity career. 





You’re experienced with web applications and want to build on your programming experience to open up new job opportunities in this dynamic field. 



Exiting Military


You’re transitioning from the military to your next career chapter, and looking for a new way to apply your valuable training and security experience.  





Beyond classroom learning to 
solid career connections


Job-finding skills and industry introductions are 
key to program success.   


Cyber Bootcamp is geared towards landing you a promising cybersecurity role. CyberNB works with ecosystem partners across the country to match students and employers. Demo days let you showcase your newly-developed skills to prospective employers during the program, while virtual job fairs and career readiness and job placement services help you find work. The opportunities are huge, with over 6,000 open positions in Canada, and a growing talent shortfall. 










What you'll learn


Each week, Cyber Bootcamp features a new module on a different cybersecurity topic to progressively build your skills





Week 1

Bootcamp Introduction 


Week 2

Network Admin

Week 3

Introduction to Cybersecurity 

Week 4

Network and Application Security 



Week 5

Incident Handling

Week 6


Week 7

Malware Analysis

Week 8

Ethical Hacking and Incident Response


Week 9

Secure Design Principles

Week 10

Risk Management

Week 11

Threat Intelligence

Week 12







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Cyber Bootcamp Cohort


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CyberNB matches Cyber Bootcamp graduates with renowned companies across Canada looking for cybersecurity talent


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Learn more about Cybersecurity reskilling for

your career after the military.



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Canada’s leader in digital 
skills bootcamps


Lighthouse Labs is training the next generation of tech professionals   


Lighthouse Labs was launched in 2013 with the goal of finding innovative ways to train the next generation of tech talent. In an age of technological disruption across every industry, our mission is to give Canadians the skills they need to find long-lasting careers in a digital workforce. Eight years later, we’ve delivered hands-on technology and data education to over 30,000 Canadians, equipping them with the relevant tools to thrive in the future of work. With the support of a brilliant team of instructors and mentors, we continue to empower students, launch careers, and contribute to the incredible growth of Canada’s tech industry.












Cyber Bootcamp Program Fees


(Deposit: 10%)


Prep Module
Full-time Bootcamp
Demo Day
Career Workshop
Access to Job Resource
Personalized Job Searching
Connections to Industry Employers


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 *All prices are in CAD. Taxes are included.
10% deposit is required to secure your spot.



Contact [email protected] if you have questions about getting funding

assistance for the Cyber Bootcamp program or if you need a confirmation

of enrolment letter for your bank.








No. Cyber Bootcamp is open to anyone, including people with non-technical backgrounds.

No, Cyber Bootcamp is open to applicants from across Canada.

Our application process has four simple steps:


  1. Fill out the online application form and book a group interview time.
  2. Group interview with other prospective students (1.5 hours).
  3. Logic (15 min.) and technical (2 hours study, 30 min. test) assessments.
  4. Admissions decision is typically made within 1-2 weeks.

Our students put their trust in us, so we hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure that everyone coming into our program is set up for success.


The application process takes 4 steps:


Apply online: Complete our online application, where you'll introduce yourself and give us an overview of your background. This includes your education, coding experience, plus your super power (you know, the important details that will help us get to know you).


Group Interview: You can book in for your group interview during the application process, otherwise you will be emailed with a link to book it in later. We want to meet you, get to know you better and talk all about bootcamp. This is also your opportunity to ask us anything and potentially to meet some of your future classmates!


Logic and Technical Assessments: After the group interview, successful candidates will be sent over some material to study so they can prepare for our logic and technical assessments. You do not need to have prior experience in coding or data science to perform well on these tests, and we will provide you with all the resources you need to successfully complete them! These are both multiple-choice and done online on your own time within a 2-week period of your group interview. Once these assessments are complete, students can be accepted into the program.


Prep Modules: The 10-40 hours you’ll spend on the Prep Modules will introduce the basic technologies you'll use throughout Bootcamp. You're required to complete the Prep Modules in the weeks leading up to your first day on campus. Ask admissions for more information.

Your laptop with a good/reliable internet connection can be:


  1. Modern 64-bit Operating System, like macOS, Windows 10 or most Linux systems.
  2. Your computer is fully up to date, with the latest version of the operating system and all security updates installed
  3. Free of viruses, and in general working order.

We do not recommend that students work during the program. Please understand that you are missing out on very valuable mentorship hours whenever you are NOT online with your cohort. It is advisable that you devote 12 weeks of your time to this course alone, to obtain good outcomes on your efforts towards a new career.

The Bootcamp is 12 weeks, Monday-Friday and students can be in the classroom 8-12 hours per day. While there are no classes on the weekend, students usually need this time to catch up. You will need to be responsible for managing your time to complete assignments.


During Bootcamp, you can expect to dedicate 100% of your time and energy to lectures, labs, tests, and mentorship. The lecture is around 2 hours, and the rest of your day will be spent completing the daily assignments, projects and reaching for those stretch goals. Students can choose, and do continue learning after hours, and into the weekend as they see fit, to ensure they are staying on track with the pace of the program. You can expect to introduce yourself to new concepts through readings and exercises, getting your knowledge bolstered and backfilled with lectures throughout the week.








More questions about CYBER BOOTCAMP?
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