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Complete your resilience program with Cyber Insurance coverage to support you in the event of an incident.  

Cyber insurance is a must-have, and not just as standalone protection.

Your other business policies — from professional liability to umbrella coverage — may have gaps in how well they protect you.
Cyber Insurance can close the gaps. 








Plan and prepare for a bad day in advance. Close the gaps with your current coverage to support cyber coverage, or a full liability coverage  





Support for incident response Retainer arrangements to ensure you get the support you need when you need it.







Financial support to get you back up and running. Reduce downtime and the impact of your brand reputation. 







Save on Cybersecurity Insurance; Protect Your People and Your Assets  

Cybersecurity certification may be the best way to demonstrate eligibility for Cyber Insurance.  

Canadian businesses are finding it harder to demonstrate Cyber Insurance coverage eligibility for new coverage and even renewal of current coverage.  

Cybersecurity certification requires accredited third-party review of information security practices and procedures. This will demonstrate a de-risked information security posture allowing insurers to provide coverage. 

Cybersecurity certification also can qualify you for a discount on Insurance offerings with HUB international!  






Managing the resilience of your operations can keep you up at night.
You are not alone! We are here to support your piece of mind.



We have Cyber and full coverage programs to support a hardened and resilient organization.


Information security is a complex and continually evolving field.
We have the details you need to help make smart, informed decisions on insurance for your business
and to determine whether your organization should invest in cyber certification.


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