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Why Join the CIPnet?


CIPnet is Canada’s most extensive network of cybersecurity stakeholders.


When you join CIPnet, you become part of a national body of cybersecurity professionals driving growth and progress across the ecosystem. Based in Canada, active internationally, CIPnet leverages the power of collective impact to multiply opportunities for members at home and abroad.


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Membership Matters 


CIPnet members share why they are a member and what value membership brings to their organization. 


“I invite you to join CIPnet. It’s a place where we can exchange, we can connect, and more importantly we can ensure that critical infrastructure gets and receives, essentially, the protection it deserves and is so necessary for 2021 and beyond.” 

-Ray Boisvert, Security Associate Partner, National Public Sector, IBM Canada 




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Amplify your voice, grow your market, expand your connections


Our core membership tier gives you access to programs, partners and decision-makers that can help you build capacity and grow. Along with a strong, collective voice in Ottawa, we offer marketing and promotional opportunities within and outside of the CIPnet membership. We actively coordinate synergistic connections and cross-collaborations between members and beyond. Common Services include: 


  • Regular dialogue with key federal and provincial offices and agencies
  • Coordinated promotion and collaboration between members
  • Funding program updates, including matching and stacking opportunities
  • Marketing and promotion packages and opportunities
  • Promoting and cross-marketing to international cluster partners
  • Preferred pricing for cyber insurance through Hub International 
Sample testimonial name

"CyberNB has been instrumental in showcasing our work, nationally and internationally, to industries beyond the nuclear sector. Through CyberNB we are continuously given the opportunity to market our capabilities to a vast number of diverse organizations that are coming to New Brunswick to connect with the cybersecurity eco-system. We also benefit from strong eco-system partner relationships, established through CyberNB, that are allowing us to offer added value capabilities beyond our own."


Dave Trask BSC EE, P.ENG, Principal Engineer, Cybersecurity Instrumentation, Information and Control (II&C), Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

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Connect to engaged buyers and enjoy special members-only pricing


This is the place for buyers and sellers of cybersecurity technology and services. Designed for members to promote and sell directly to a receptive industry audience, this level also rewards buyers with preferred pricing on member products and services. Our members also get access to new product introduction (NPI) and opportunities to support new product development (NPD). Marketplace Services include:


  • Promoting the capabilities of sellers
  • Offering member-pricing incentives
  • Driving sales within the network
  • New product introduction for buyers
  • Opportunity to support new product development
Sample testimonial name

"Huawei understands the imperative to ensure that information and data is protected for all Canadians, and joined the CIPnet with CyberNB to encourage objective standards and evidence-based decision making in cybersecurity. Huawei is also prepared to implement any combination of additional industry-wide safeguards and standards to meet Canadian government requirements and to ensure data security and privacy in Canada in the coming years."


Steve Liu, Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications at Huawei Technologies Canada Co., Ltd.

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Own the podium in some of the industry’s most exclusive rooms


CyberNB has an exclusive opportunity with the International Forum of the Americas (IEFA) to host thought leadership sessions at its events. CIPnet members may participate as moderators and panellists at these events, which attract C-suite executives from around the world. A unique opportunity to get in front of critical audiences at the industry’s most prestigious gatherings.

Sample testimonial name

“CyberNB has played a fundamental role in positioning New Brunswick as a national centre of excellence for cyber security. As an emerging leader in our field, not only have they provided timely and impactful guidance for Kognitiv Spark, but they have also created the conditions for us to grow rapidly in a highly collaborative and recognised cybersecurity hub. This has been in close alignment with the needs of our clients and partners for a world class focus on cybersecurity, and in a pool of highly capable experts that represents the very best body of knowledge in this field.”


Duncan McSporran, COO, Kognitiv Spark

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Ensuring access to the talent you need to grow and thrive


If you’re involved in hiring and training, this is for you. CIPnet’s Workforce Services cuts through the high costs and extended timelines typical of cybersecurity recruitment. We act as intermediaries between stakeholders in education, academia and industry, coordinating opportunities for employers, students, researchers and job-seekers to ensure there’s a constant supply of talent in the pipeline. Workforce Services include:


  • Identification of required competencies for academic partners
  • Identification of career vacancies at member organizations
  • Identification of college and university members for student placements/work assignments for applied research with industry members
  • Identification of industry members to mentor, train and spot talent
  • Assisting in recruitment for industry, academia and government

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Our inclusive and diverse membership is the key connection point for industry executives and professionals, researchers and academics, politicians and policy-makers, and for the next generation of digital workers and leaders. Get in touch today to find out how a CIPnet membership can help your organization grow and thrive.


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CIPnet Common Services


  • Regular government dialogue
  • Coordinated member collaboration
  • Preferred Cyber Insurance pricing - HUB International
  • Members-only thought leadership events - IEFA
  • And much more!


Paid Monthly - $740 + tax/month


Paid Annually - $8,500 + tax/year






CIPnet Common Services + Marketplace Seller


  • All Common Services benefits
  • Receptive industry audience for cybersecurity technology & services
  • Support for new product development & introduction


Paid Monthly - $830 + tax/month


Paid Annually - $9,500 + tax/year